98 Opt
Active Windows
ARMiller's Win98 Web Sites


A great service to all PC technicians who need boot disks for almost every OS out there.
Bud's Win9x Tips and Troubleshooter
Frank Condron's World O'Windows
MVP Web Sites
Netigen.co Win98 Site
Networking - Doug's Win 95-98
Networking - J.Helmig's FAQ Windows95-98
New Life Win98
Newsgroups from Microsoft
RegEdit - Windows Registry Guide Tips, tricks & tweaks for optimizing, enhancing and securing your Windows™ system! 10-10-00

Speed Demonz' Page - Optimize Win9x

excellent guides on swap file, BIOS, and Hard drive optimization. 10-10-00
Shutdown Troubleshooter Shutdown problems in Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium Edition can be caused by many factors. This article can be used to troubleshoot the possible causes. 1-22-01
Systems Internals
Swedish Windows 98 Information Page
A Troubleshooting Guide to Windows 98
TWEAKUI for win 98se  Download
Win9x Tips and Troubleshooter
Win98 Annoyances This site claims that Windows 98 Annoyances is the most complete collection of information assembled for and by actual users of Windows 98 11-13-00
Win98 FAQ(Sean Erwin's) Very useful tips on solving Win98 Problems. 11-13-00
Win98 Web Sites
Windows 98 Central
Windows 95-98 Support
Windows 98 -Help.NET
Configuring Windows Explorer All kinds of cool Windows Explorer tips 1-24-01
Winmag's Windows 98 Megasite  Tips, forums, and workshops all related to Win98. 11-13-00
WinPlanet -
Windows-Help.NET Support BBS
Windows Magazine On Line

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