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Best Book Buys  helps you search for books and compare prices at dozens of online bookstores
Biblio Search for used books The Best Place to Buy Movies
Bookpool Discount bookstore for technical books 20-40% discounts on Tech books are common here.
Coin Price Guide - PCGS See what your coins are worth
eBay Auction site you've heard of
We help to make shopping greener and easier for busy, eco-minded shoppers. This Directory includes only the Internet's most efficient online stores that sell hard-to-find and quality earth friendly products. Use our Directory whenever you shop online to save time and make a difference for the environment Buy & Sell Books, Music, Movies, and Games... Hey - sell and buy used books here CHEEEP! 11-21-02
NewEgg Goes out of their way to maintain good ratings at
Northern Sun offers message-oriented t-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons, posters,etc. covering a wide variety of issues/topics.
prices in Oregon retail stores every week  
PriceSCAN Your Online Shopping Service  
Shopping Portal - 15% goes to feed people  

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