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Free Tutorial Visual Basic for Applications
Introduction to Visual Basic5 A complete course of study at 1-19-01
The Programmer's File Format Collection
A Programmers Heaven  from the site: Programmers' Heaven It's all here!
Choose from almost 9642 files and 2567 links that we have! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer, this is where you will find everything you need!
VB-World - Beginning Visual Basic - Articles - Visual Basic Tutorial - Introduction A five part tutorial from VB world for beginners.   1-20-01
VB Information Center  From the site: Welcome! This site has hundreds of pages of useful information that will help you make sense of Visual Basic. If it's a VB topic, you will find it covered here. There is advice for beginners, background information on VB, tutorials, annotated sample applications, source code, book reviews, mailing lists, vendor lists, and much more! 1-6-01

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