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Super Portal
An awesome Starting off-point for Anything!
added 2-24-00
Andre Bacard's Privacy Page
BlackStump What's New Page
Every day BlackStump lists several new amazing web sites

Get exes that make boot disks for all OSes.
Computer and Internet Books, FREE OnLine Editions - 
Consumer Consumer Search Home
added 7-14-00


Configuring Windows Explorer Cyber- Plagiarism
Are you in compliance?
Digital Credenza an interesting techie weekly eZine
Digital Laughter funny pictures
Discount bookstore for technical books
Many of these are discounted 40% or more!
--added 3-27-00
FCC ID Search Form
Find manufacturer of any hardware.
added 4-20-00



Eric's BIOS Post Codes
Google Toolbar
This is great! It adds a Google search window to your browser toolbar.  1-22-01

HardOCP-WE don't even know what the OCP stands for anymore....

Overclocking and wild tech links updated many times a day!

Hardware web site Links pages
How to Choose a Search Engine or Directory 7-19-200 Jobs in PNW
Get a job, you bum! Home - added 7-17
find full-text articles from  magazines
Magazine Articles on Computers Electronics current
added 6-21-00

 Traffic at a Glance for Portland

Maximum Hardware  
Added 4-13-2000


 MAX WinDOwS Tricks Secrets Bugs Fixes
Thousands of real-life changes you can make. Updated frequently.
Microsoft MVPs
Expert advice from experts. Many subjects, all Microsoft related.
Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows It's the future of Windows... today!
added 7-10-00

 The Programmers File Format Collection


Pure Performance Tweaks and Tips for Windows 9x-NT-2000   7-21-2000


Real DOS Mode for Windows ME 9-27-00

reference Desk  
A utility for real-time registry snooping. Fascinating! What are you worth?
Give the site a minute to load. Salaries based on Beaverton , OR Zip Code
Search Engine Watch 
If you want to find out about search engines, this is the place to go.
Shield's Up!
check your iNet Vulnerability by having this site gently and safely try to hack into your pc. It then reports back what's wrong and how to fix it. Run by Former InfoWorld columnist Steve Gibson. 
Shrishails Small Page Home
Great articles on registry and FAT32!
Speed Demonz' Page - Optimize Win9x


Spychecker database of Spyware products lets you detect spyware before you download
System Optimization (  Tech advice Home Page Tech
Top Quality Freeware Index

Troubleshooting Error Messages

 Tweak It!

Webopedia home page

Weekly CPU Prices 11-20-00 Win2000 Portal
added 2-19-00

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