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PalmSource - The maker of Palm OS, the world's most popular software for handhelds and smart phones The Palm OS enjoys a widely recognized advantage in ease of use meaning that customers need less training to use their Palm Powered product and become productive faster. From the very first Palm Pilot, the designers of Palm OS have sweated the details of how a mobile product actually gets used, and how to make that usage simple and lightning fast.

For example, when you press the Calendar button on a Palm Powered product, the Palm OS automatically shows you the current day—and even hides unused time blocks, so you usually won’t have to scroll to see all your appointments. When you open a Word document on a Palm Powered product, document editing solutions (such as Documents to Go, WordSmith, and QuickOffice) strive to preserve its formatting intact. On the Pocket PC, by contrast, PocketWord can wreak severe changes on a Word document, removing font information, tables, headers, graphics, and more.

The Palm OS backs up your PIM (personal information manager) data and most applications automatically whenever you synchronize your device. On competing systems, backup is a separate and tedious task that many users forget to do. Taken together, these design details add up to big time savings, which is why the Palm OS was found by Gantry Group to have a 41% lower cost of ownership compared to Pocket PC.

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