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BuzzWhack The Buzzword Compliant Dictionary buzz.word (buz´wűrd) n. A usually important-sounding word or phrase used primarily to impress laypersons (buz´wak er) n. A person who receives some degree of pleasure in bursting the bubbles of the pompous.
Dark Side of the Net
Digital Laughter - funny stuff to download A repository of all those weird (& sometimes tasteless) funny things that circulate on the web 11-20-00
Humor and Jokes
Hypatia's Library Tales
Moist Towls
Morbid Fact Du Jour!
Omniseek Humor
The Onion
tacky postcards
Useless Facts Strange Facts, Weird Facts, Bizarre Facts, Brain Teasers, Stupid People Stories, Greeting Cards, Interesting Facts! 1-22-01
Weekly Foolish Link
The Weird Places !!!  You like something Weird? Ok, you found it. But take care . . . there can be heavy stuff . 7-1800
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