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Don't buy online without going here first! 1-06-01
LowerPrices.Com - Your source for low prices on the World Wide Web

LostCircuits-Price Comparison

Quick and easy way to see current prices.    1-27-01

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TechShopper Compare low prices on Tech products from web-venders 2-20-01
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Places to Buy

Advanced Computec 6.4
Bunta Technolog 6.1 - US-Made Blank CDR Media  High Quality-good prices 1-06-01

Crucial Technology
High Quality Fast RAM Lifetime guarantee. 1-06-01
Hyper Microsystems Specialize in storage products. They rate 6.7 out of 7.0 at Resellers Eval. 1-22-01
KC Computers 6.5
Mushkin Memory Module 6.1
Memory Man 6.4
Minotaur Technology 6.6 - Cornerstone's top line monitors at below wholesale pricing

TennMax 6.8
Universal Computer Distributing 6.4

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