addresses & web sites
3Com Palm Computing
ABIT Computer Corp.
3Dfx guru
Adaptec Drivers, Downloads, Updates, Patches
Agent News and Mail Reader
Company Websites - Support
Support.Dell.Com - File Library
EAC - Exact Audio Copy An excellent FREE CD Ripper.
eBay Crawler - Save Your Searches! A cool little eBay searching utility. If you do eBay, do this!  8-08-2000
eudora pro upgrades
Forté [Free] Agent Links and Utilities
Gateway Tech Support
Hewlett Packard Services & Support
IBM Hard disk drives
Keyboard Connection
Macro Express, Lets you create keyboard macros to do Anything.
matrox users
matrox users resource center
Maxtor Corporation
Micron PC Support
Microsoft Personal Computing
Microsoft Support
Microsoft TechNet
Microsoft's Win98 Updates Site
Norton Antivus Updates
Nero - Download One of the best CDR recording Apps.  8-08-2000
Net Captor A great browser that lets you load many sites at once.   8-08-2000
Novell, Inc.
Ontrack One of the best utility Suites   8-08-2000
PC-sw companies
TDK 24x veloCD ReWriter
Teleport Pro -- Offline Browsing Webspider
The Micrografx Home Page
ThumbsPlus! If you have lots of graphics files, this is the program to have. End of discussion! 10-05-00
Western Digital Corp
Where Is It  If you have lots of files this is the one program that will organize them all and then help you find them!!! 10-05-00
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