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Accurate Image Manipulation
AltaVista - Image Search
Barry's Clip Art Server
Clipart Directory
Clip Art Review
Clip Art Searcher
Collages! The place to go for many Collage links! 5-25-01 - the place for pictures
Electric Gallery - Fine Art - The Art Shopping Source
Finding Images Online Be prepared for a ton of free popup ads in addition to the fonts, most of which are FREE. 2-01-01
Free Online Photo Albums 7-15-00
HotBot Images
Lycos Picture Search 
MediaBuilder Animation Factory - Free Animated Gif Library Over 30,000 Original Animations and Designs for use on web pages, email and presentations. 12-17-00
Over the Rainbow Web Page Vintage Clip Art backgrounds free stuff fonts!!!
Selected Clip Art, Background, and Animated GIF Sites A nice selection of clip art sites 12-17-00
Time Mag search
Tudogs Free Clip Art They say: If a clip art site is worth visiting, we've probably got it here. There are six sub-sections. WebArt is mainly design sets, backgrounds, bars, buttons and icons. WebImage includes illustrations and 'toons.
The Virtual Study Tour
WebSEEk  Image Search 
Yahoo Image Surfer

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