32bit.com - Home Discussion Forums Support forums for PC-MAC-Linux Operating Systems 7-27-2000
Computing.Net This site is devoted to centralizing technical support for all operating systems and all computer types in one location, making it very easy to get technical support 7-27-2000



FreeAnswers.com provides a natural-language interface for searching the support knowledge bases of Microsoft, Intuit, & Adobe. This is much better than Microsoft's knowledge-base page - and provides the same content! Recommended by Brian Livingston in InfoWorld. 5-01
NOSPIN  free PC Tech Support
Obsolete Computer Helpline Support questions that have been answered concerning older systems. Interesting and worth a trip. 7-27-2000
Support Lines
Tech Support Guy
Trish's Escape from Hardware Hell Help Board Current topics strong on hardware 7-27-2000
UITS Support Center - Home
Virtual Dr - Welcome! Great site with forums on hardware, web authoring, all Windows versions and DOS. 7-27-2000

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