ATA storage page
CDROM God Web Site.
CD-Rom God Version 5.5 File
FDISK Undocumented
Floppy Drives- Intro
Hard Drive Intro
Hard Drive Reviews The latest reviews and discussions about hard drives. Go here before buying that next drive. 10-13-2000
Hard Drive Index Red Hill 
Hard Drive Jumpers & Specs 
Hard Drive Glossary
Hard Disk Partitioning How and Why A great site that explains all about partitions.   10-13-2000
Hyper Microsystems Specialize in storage products. They rate 6.7 out of 7.0 at Resellers Eval. 1-22-01
RAID Information
Tom's Hardware Guide to Storage
Spinrite -Steve Gibson
Ultra ATA-66 Bring it on! - Page 1  2 page review of Ultra ATA/66 11-20-00
Ultra ATA-66 FAQ From Seagate 11-20-00
Ultra ATA Quantum White Paper ATA/33 explained --not recent but good. 11-20-00
Ultra DMA Faq  Somewhat out-of-date but informative 11-20-00
Zip And Jaz Drives coping
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