Cobian Backup 4.0
A free backup program that will backup and compress specified folders at specified times. In win2k or XP it runs as a service.  Backing up is the ONE essential thing most people don't do.  This program is a get it, set it, forget it, and don't sweat it done deal backup! - Telling it like it is.
At LittleWhiteDog we strive to bring you the best articles and reviews with a no holds barred attitude. If something rocks, we say it rocks, if something sucks we say it sucks, a Tellin' it like it is point of view! We encourage reader interaction as evident from many of our articles and reviews. We also believe that computers are not all there is to life, so our news section is littered with some excellent reading that has nothing to do with computers. In essence we are here to educate and learn, but we also want you to enjoy your visit at LittleWhiteDog! So come on in, take a look around, drop us an e-mail, enter our contests and be entertained! - Reviews of Computers & Internet
Epinions does not decide what content to post and what not to post. Epinions is a platform for people to share their experiences - both good AND bad. They have over 1 million reviews of stuff. You can see what others think before you buy.

Ad-aware is a free multi spyware removal utility, that scans your memory, registry and hard drives for known spyware components and lets you remove them safely.

 & freefonts
Lots of Free Fonts!

Tom's Hardware Guide
One of the best all around sites for everything hardware. Be there or be square   !

This is the mother of Computer Portal sites.  It collects headlines from over 123 web sites all pertaining to PCs. You get to choose which sites you want included. Then you visit this personalized headline site any day for that day's headlines. This is just too good to be free and yet it is! expert community of PC hardware enthusiasts and professionals.
A team of eight computer enthusiasts work this site for both power users and IT professionals. There are articles, forums, reviews, and guides. This site is updated daily and is easy to use. It's user interface is lean, mean, and over-all quite professional. Well worth a daily visit!

Spychecker - database of Spyware (adware) products lets you detect spyware before you download. 
Not sure if the free software you are about to download is in fact a so called Spyware, or adware or otherwise advertising enhanced product that installs additional third party components on your system? This site maintains a frequently-updated data-base of shareware and adware.

Google Groups
Here you can search all the messages that have been posted in newsgroups since 1995. This archive is the largest such storehouse of postings on the web and contains more than 650 million messages-- over a terabyte of human conversation, much of which has been unavailable for years.
Google has done an outstanding job of restoring this archive. Results are searchable by date and thread count is included.

AXCEL216's MAX Speeed WinDOwS Tricks Secrets Bugs Fixes
This site is huge... over 100 pages [with 1000+ ©tricks] and counting.
So you need to take a break from whatever you were doing, brew a fresh coffee pot, fill up your XL mug [but don't spill it on your keyboard ;)], kick back, relax, and only after that, dig in, 1 tip at a time.
All these steps must be performed in this exact order for maximum comfort. :-)
Posted 4-23-01

Evaluations of Mail-Order-Internet Computer Companies
At present, there are 1721 companies evaluated in this survey. The survey covers nationally advertised mail-order companies, and/or companies who do business on the Internet. All of the evaluations on the site were submitted by your fellow Internet users. Find out what they think, where they shop, and where they've been burned, so you won't be.
Note: Reviews are also organized by rating.
posted 4-15-01

FreeAnswers provides a natural-language interface for searching the support knowledge bases of Microsoft, Intuit, & Adobe. This is much better than Microsoft's knowledge-base page - and provides the same content! Recommended by Brian Livingston in Infoworld. Posted 4-9-01

Google Toolbar
This is great! It adds a Google search window to your browser toolbar. 
Posted Sunday 4-1-01

A great site that features freeware and shareware with no disabled features, nags, time limits, or any other tricks.
Posted  Friday 3-17-01

Shields UP! -- Internet Connection Security Analysis
Computer aficionado and legendary assembly language programmer Steve Gibson provides one of the most valuable community service sites on the web. If you can read this text, you owe it to yourself to visit his site for a free, safe, & eye-opening security analysis of your Internet connection.
Posted  Friday 3-8-01

A great service to all PC technicians who need boot disks for almost every OS out there.

BlackStump What's New Page
Every day BlackStump lists several new and amazing web sites. I get many of the web sites for my site from this place.

Trish's Escape from Hardware Hell 
By far one of the best and most comprehensive PC portals around! 
Posted 2-8-01

 This site has great information, a nice clean look, and is easy to navigate. It rates   2-1-01
From the site: "Welcome to Bios Central. My goal here is to provide the most comprehensive PC BIOS information on the Internet."

ODP - Open Directory Project ( - Open Directory Project (
The largest human-edited directory of the web. The Open Directory Project's goal is to produce the most comprehensive directory of the web, by relying on a vast army of volunteer editors. 
Thanks to Phil Porter for the link!

This site is mostly dedicated to making Windows look and act the way you want it. Page after page to links about icons, desktops, wallpapers, registry hacks and everything else to help you customize 'look and feel'.

This is a site full of little tweaking programs to change the way your OS works. There are some gems here!
BE CAREFUL with system tweaks!

 Phil Porter's Excellent collection of links,
 software, & A+ study notes

The PC Technology Guide

*****EXCELLENT all-in-one Guide to all things PC! *****


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