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  • If you are Jayson Blair and typed the name of the story in the address bar, make sure it was your story.
  • To check your newspaper story, click the FACTS menu, and then click Check Sources. On the Plagiarism tab, click No. These settings should match those provided by your Editor.
  • Even if the editor has not enabled it, the blogosphere can examine the story and automatically discover inaccurate and misleading aspects.
    If you would like to use the Blogosphere to try and discover them, click Detect Settings Andrew Sullivan
  • Some papers require 170 thousand antiquities to be sacked from museums. Click the Fisk menu and then click Anti-American bias  to determine what level of museum looting your paper will broadcast.
  • If you are trying to reach a story worth reading, try going back in time when journalistic standards were not sacrificed on the off-chance of a story with a negative Anti-American spin.
  • Click the exit button button if you are Howell Raines.

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