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Hello! We are considering converting our existing Network + certification preparation course into a hybrid class which would still run 10 weeks but only five (5) weeks would be conducted in the actual classroom. The remaining five classes would be conducted online over the Internet.

The online portion of the class would consist of in-depth quizzes, supplemental ‘white papers’, PowerPoint presentations, reading assignments, and activity assignments.

The classroom sessions would include

  • --discussing the quiz material in detail
  • --Assigning students to work in groups to solve case study problems
  • --Class presentations, by student groups, on topic matter selected by the Instructor

The advantages to you would include the following

1. Less time wasted traveling, more time for learning.

2. Ability to cover required material at your own pace.

3. More opportunity for email access to the instructor for questions.

4. The instructor would be able to track your progress in the class in more detail.

The potential disadvantages include

1. You would need to be more disciplined in scheduling time for study.

2. The course would be of little value to you if you did not complete the online assignments.

The advantages of the current course design are

1. It is easier to structure your time using a once-a-week four-hour-at-a-time structure.

2. You have more opportunity to interact with fellow students and the instructor.

The disadvantages of the current course design include

1. Travel time.

2. Different levels of knowledge in the class means the instructor must teach to the median level. Slow learners fall behind quickly, fast learners become bored.


Please answer the following question based on the above scenario.

I would prefer half the sessions online.


I prefer the current course design. Y/N



What is your name?
Where are you from?
E-mail address?





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